Let’s Talk & Celebrate 12 March Collaborative Feasts for IWD & WHM

Let’s Talk Womxn is holding Let’s Talk & Celebrate feasts for International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month across 12 cities: Chicago (3/8), Boston (3/8), Cincinnati (3/8), Kentucky/Lexington (3/8), Minneapolis (3/8), Houston (3/8), Milwaukee (3/8), Atlanta (3/7), Philadelphia (3/28), Greater NY (3/28), Miami (3/30), Phoenix (3/29). These are in person collaborative feasts (dinners, cocktails, tasting stations, parties) by us for guests, takeout, entertainment, with a panel of our Let’s Talk Womxn restaurateurs. We invite all men, women, their firms and friends to celebrate your city, its restaurants, its women, dine together, and meet all our LTW women restaurateurs & entrepreneurs.