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Washington, D.C.

Women-owned food businesses in Washington, DC have come together to boost our small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We’re women entrepreneurs who took the leap to open own businesses and in so doing have become the heart of our communities. From full-service and fast-casual restaurants, bars, ice cream stores, delis and bakeshops we’re working together spotlighting our businesses while giving back to our communities. Through Let’s Talk and Women’s Food Fest we have integrated over 60 women owned food businesses in our economic collaborations.

Together we hosted Women’s Food Fest highlighting our businesses through a week-long festival of specials. We’ve collaborated on Women’s Food Market over the Holiday Season, The Presidential Inauguration, and Valentine’s Day. The Market features specially curated food gifts – Chef Dinners, Gift Bag and Baskets and Monthly Specials from many of DC’s outstanding women-owned and nationally recognized businesses including Amy Brandwein’s Centrolina, Ruth Gresser’s Pizzeria Paradiso, Sonya Ali’s Ben’s Chile Bowl, Micheline Mendelsohn’s Good Stuff Eatery.

Our Food Fest and Market provide much needed revenue streams for our businesses while offering our businesses and customers opportunities to support local communities from the food insecure (through “10,000 Pizzas”) to frontline workers (firefighters and healthcare professionals) to hospitality workers (with “Friends and Family Meal DC”).

And we’re just beginning because by working together, we all thrive!

Stay tuned for the next event...

Washington, D.C. Womxn Members