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LA RE:Her is an autonomous entity launched by Let’s Talk Womxn. It was launched by monthly Let’s Talk sessions and collaborative initiatives through early 2021.

WGN National News https://www.newsnationnow.com/business/women-restauranteurs-help-each-other-stay-in-business-during-pandemic/

For women trying to keep a business alive — and balance that with the demands of homeschooling and child care — it’s a hard one to strike. Which is why their support system has become invaluable.
Through the heartache and the stress — and facing the possibility that their beloved businesses might not recover — a break in the clouds from other women who have knowledge and a willingness to share it. “That’s the one kind of shining moment of it all, is that I think we finally came together as an industry,” Dina Samson on Let’s Talk Womxn

LA Times Inception of RE:Her https://www.latimes.com/food/story/2020-12-22/regarding-her-female-owned-restaurants-los-angeles

RE:Her grew out of the Let’s Talk female restaurant group founded by Vermilion restaurant owner Rohini Dey in Chicago earlier this year. Dina Samson, co-owner of Rossoblu, and Mary Sue Milliken, co-owner of the Border Grill and Socalo, were part of the 250-plus female restaurant owners who participated in a series of video call discussions for Let’s Talk. During one of the sessions, the L.A. members, including All Day Baby owner Lien Ta, decided to start their own local group and call it RE:Her.

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