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Let’s Talk Womxn Chicago is the founding base of this national movement. Started in 2020 in Chicago with 10 women by Rohini Dey, Ph.D, this forum has grown to over 80 women business owners. Chicago is the first to launch many collaborative city and national initiatives (women’s restaurant week, gift baskets, multi-restaurant takeout meals, in person supper clubs & conversations, panels, picnic in white with the city, IWD and WHM nationwide celebrations, digital cross-promotion), national forums (Let’s Talk Change, Owning the Kitchen with Sysco, IFMA, National Restaurant Association, Women’s World Banking, Women in Finance, Seramount), as well as foster partnerships with state restaurant associations, city marketing arms/CVBs, corporations, and women’s groups in every city (Illinois Restaurant Association, Choose Chicago, The Chicago Network, IWF Chicago).

Rohini intentionally disseminates these innovations across all Let’s Talk cities with the active help of all city cohosts. This spirit of cross-pollination is strong. Anchored on camaraderie and candor, Chicago’s Let’s Talk owners share vendor referrals, resources, and counsel each other, an inbuilt mentorship for those new to the industry.

LTW Chicago has jointly published opinion pieces, met with the governor of Illinois and the City Council of Chicago, and received much media coverage, all of which magnifies their voice and visibility. We are overwhelmed by the support given to us by women’s groups, our guests, media and all of Chicago. And we looks forward to continuing to grow together.

Let’s Talk & Celebrate. Chicago. March 2nd. Gold. Glamour. Gourmet.

Come drenched or accented in gold and glamour.

Chicago gourmet bash with a national LTW footprint.
30+ tasting stations & cocktails all evening.
Feast, Drink, Gold Drag Show, DJ, Dancing, Meet YOUR Restaurateurs.
All men and women are welcome.
Revel in your city’s gourmet power.
National celebrations to kick off Women’s History Month.
By 700+ leading women restaurateurs & entrepreneurs.
Backed by: National Champion Sysco

Buy Your Chicago Tickets now!
$125 VIP tickets 5-9pm, $95 tickets 6-9pm, afterparty 9pm on.

Chicago Participants: Vermilion. Eden. Prairie Grass Cafe. Dandy Crown. Saigon Sisters. Frontera Grill. Nobody’s Darling. Soul Veg City. Bistronomic. Pretty Cool Ice Cream. Floriole. Moe’s Cantina. Antique Taco. NaKorn. Taste of the Philippines. Egg Rolls Etc. Exquisite Catering. Victus Foods. Verzenay. Birch Road Clubhouse. Imee’s Kitchen. Lexington Betty. Moonwalker Cafe. Sole Ingredients. 1308 Chicago. Casati’s. Banato. Volition Tea. Fat Miilk. Inspiro Tequila. Spice Note Tequila. Bittersweet.

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