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Let's Talk Womxn - Entrepreneurs. Food & Drink.
Let's Talk Womxn - Entrepreneurs. Food & Drink.

Let’s Talk is a collaboration of women restaurateurs to counter the pandemic and build combined economic power. It is not an organization, it is not an entity, it is an action-led movement by women business owners as peers.

  • Let’s Talk Womxn was started as a conversation forum in July 2020 for women restaurateurs to get to know each other, vent, learn from & support each other.
  • It has explosively evolved to much more – to help women business owners build bargaining power, build visibility, combine our voice, and undertake joint economic and political action.
  • It has grown to include women entrepreneurs across food and drink.
  • Everything we all do is out-of-hide and voluntary, to build each other up.
  • Let’s Talk forums connect over 350 women restaurateurs/owners across 12 cities, with both virtual sessions and on the ground initiatives.
  • Each Let's Talk forum is co-hosted, nourished and led by 2-4 leading women restaurateurs.
  • Marquee women restaurateurs in each city are peers alongside owners of all sizes, stripes, colors and formats. We are in the NRN Power List 2021 Top 50 for inclusive impactful leadership alongside giants within our industry.
  • Collaborative city initiatives have included Women’s Restaurant Weeks, multi-restaurant tasting menus, targeting the corporate segment, gift baskets, food fairs, meal kits and subscriptions. Much more is afoot.
  • Let’s Talk Women have applied for grants collectively, met with a governor, met city councils, written OpEds, negotiate with vendors, and we participate on panels to share this collaborative uplifting model.
  • We are tired of receiving manuals, guidelines & webinars. Our needs are business building visibility and funding to survive.
  • We deliberately have no lofty mission statement, statement of values, or five-year plan. The universe abounds with these well-meaning, murky, unaccountable articulations.
  • The goal of Let's Talk is simply to build camaraderie and build the combined economic power of our women entrepreneurs through this crisis and beyond.
  • Let’s Talk is a business initiative – of women restaurateurs who are battling jointly to survive this crisis. It is a story of collaboration and hope amidst doom. We are happy to share our “B cube model” to inspire other sectors and all women.
  • Let’s Talk is founded and led by Rohini Dey, Ph.D. Vermilion restaurateur in Chicago, former McKinsey & Co. and The World Bank, former trustee/founder/chair of the James Beard Foundation Women's Leadership Program for a decade.

Dine together & Let's Talk

International Women's Day Celebration
March 8, 2021

Multi-Restaurant Women-Led Takeout Dinner

Four-Ten Courses. Varies by City. $55-$150 for two. Order by March 4th.



with The Let's Talk Womxn leading restaurateurs of your city. Moderators include a congresswoman, best-selling author/TED stars, food editors and more.

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Donate to Let's Talk Womxn to support women restaurateurs during the biggest crisis their businesses have confronted. Enable them to survive and grow.

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Reach out to Let's Talk Womxn. If you are a woman business owner in food and drink in a city we're in and would like to join us. Our forum is open to all and we'd love to have you. Or if you're a corporation who would like to work with us. We're open to all help. Or media who would like to feature us. Share our collaboration.

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